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Why Sprout?

We are so glad that you are here!  When working with children, it is our belief that all behavior has a purpose.  As therapists, it is our job to understand that behavior and what purpose it brings for your child.  


Through play, we seek to understand your child's world and therefore assist them in gaining the skills necessary to form a meaningful connection with those around them.  Meaningful connections enable us to understand behavioral difficulties and motivations while encouraging and guiding a child to find greater success in life. 

Together, we can help you and your family find meaningful tools and strategies to help you grow and thrive.  Life can be hard and we get that.  Let us help you and your child reach your full potential.  

Our Mission

At Sprout, our goal is simple. We want to be that helpful hand that supports you and your child so that your family can grow and thrive. Regardless of what brings you in, we are here to help!

Our Team

Dr. Emily Gislason





Emily has been in the mental health field for over 10 years, supporting children and families in outpatient, residential, home-based, and group environments.  She loves the power of play and how it can truly allow a child to grow and heal.  She has worked with children impacted by trauma, grief, foster care involvement, self-esteem challenges, anxiety, depression, sensory concerns, high-conflict family situations, and behavioral difficulties. Emily also involves her dog, Oakley, into the counseling process with kids.  She is also an adjunct instructor for SDSU's play therapy program and offers supervision for mental health professionals seeking their counseling license and Registered Play Therapist credential.  Regardless of the challenge that brings you into the office, Emily believes that all clients have the ability to find success through support and encouragement. Play is powerful!

Katelyn Tilstra




Katelyn enjoys using the power of play in order to best meet the needs of a child. She is passionate about creating a safe space for children, adolescents, and their families to freely express themselves, discover strengths, learn skills, and find success. Katelyn has considerable experience providing mental health care in inpatient, home-based, and outpatient settings. She has helped children and families with a range of difficulties including trauma, grief/loss, anxiety, self-esteem, attachment, ADHD, depression, behavioral concerns, and parenting.  Katelyn looks forward to forming a relationship with you in order to assist your family in navigating life's challenges.

Vanessa Hoogendoorn



Vanessa has an extensive history working with children ages 4 through early adulthood in residential and home-based settings. Vanessa’s focus is children that struggle with behavior challenges, aggression, grief and loss, experience in foster care, adoption, anxiety, depression, ADHD, parenting challenges and trauma. Vanessa uses play therapy techniques to meet children and families where they are at to create a

safe space to process life’s challenges. Vanessa is an adoption competent therapist and an EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) Certified Therapist with her Consultant In Training Status (CIT). Vanessa uniquely combines the use of Play Therapy and EMDR to help Children process previous perceived traumatic experiences. Vanessa is passionate about meeting your child and family where they

are at developmentally to create healthy and positive relationships that promote change.

Vanessa also is able to provide consultation to mental health professionals seeking to further their understanding of incorporating EMDR techniques into their practices with children.

Danielle McCormick
MS, LMFT Supervisee

Danielle strives to create a strong therapeutic relationship with children ages 3-12 years old in order to improve overall functioning with the use of play therapy techniques. She has worked in various settings through school-based therapy, outpatient therapy, and home-based therapy. Danielle has past experience working with children with trauma, aggression, behavior challenges, grief, anxiety, depression and overall adjustment to life's changes. Danielle has utilized play therapy skills with families through sibling and parent-child sessions. Danielle is completing her consultation for her EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) training she received in August 2022. She is also actively pursuing her licensure for her RPT and LMFT credentials. Danielle is passionate about creating a safe and welcoming environment for all children and families in order to promote growth and wellness!














As a Canine Good Citizen, Oakley enjoys spending time in sessions with children of all ages.  He has a sweet personality and cannot wait to meet you!

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